Happy Power Query Christmas

(Names, Behaviours) =>
    #"Make List" = Table.FromColumns({Names,Behaviours}, {"Name", "Behaviour"}),
    #"Check Once" = Table.SelectRows(#"Make List", each ([Behaviour] <> "Naughty")),
    #"Check Twice" = Table.SelectRows(#"Check Once", each ([Behaviour] = "Nice")),
    #"Santa Claus" = if Table.RowCount(#"Check Twice") > 0 then "is coming to town" else null
    #"Santa Claus"

YTZ Dice Game in Excel

Here’s a “Yahtzee” style dice game in Excel; quickly developed, just for a bit of fun. Usual scoring rules apply – roll 5 dice up to 3 times, and score in each of the categories.

Click on dice number to “hold” that die, click on the blank score space to save roll score, then roll again. The high score table will show the 6 highest overall scores.

YTZ Game for Excel – click to download